Certifications of Infrared Cabins

Infrared Saunas LUXE

Cabins of Great Comfort, selected in 100% massif certified Canadian Red Cedar with high-end equipment included. Large surface of radiation from Carbon Infrared heaters.

The LUXE infrared saunas are equipped with digital control panel, a radio with CD and MP3, interior and exterior lighting, an Ionizer (Air Purifier) and Chromotherapy (Colour Therapy).

You can use it every day and share it in family: a complete session takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

The infrared cabin helps you keeping your shape, health and vitality - providing you a pleasant relaxation at the same time...

Very easy to use, you can adjust the duration of the session between 0 and 60 min and the temperatures up to 60 ° C. The sauna will stop working by itself at the end of the scheduled time.

Assembly & Operating Manual provided.

Infrared Sauna LUXE 1

Capacity: 1 Person
Dimensions: 90 x 105 x 190 cm
Power: 1330W (220V)

Infrared Sauna LUXE 2

Capacity: 2 Persons
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 190 cm
Power: 1820W (220V)

Infrared Sauna LUXE 2/3

Capacity: 2/3 Persons
Dimensions: 125 x 56 x 97 x 190 cm
Power: 1920W (220V)

Infrared Sauna LUXE 3

Capacity: 3 Persons
Dimensions: 153 x 125 x 190 cm
Power: 2045W (220V)

Infrared Sauna LUXE 3/4

Capacity: 3/4 Persons
Dimensions: 150 x 95 x 80 x 190 cm
Power: 2220W (220V)

Infrared Sauna LUXE CLUB

Capacity: 4/5 Persons
Dimensions: 185 x 185 x 190 cm
Power: 3000 W (220V)